In Memory of the Jews of Czortkow Who Perished
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Czortkow, Poland (now Ukraine) had been a home to a large Jewish Community for hundreds of years until it was destroyed by the Nazis and their collaborators in World War Two. This website was created by the descendants of that flourishing Jewish community to commemorate it, and in memory of about eight thousand of its members who perished in the Holocaust.     
NEWS:   We announce with great sorrow the death of our friend
Benyamin Shtok. 94 years old.

Bunker Diary of Zelda Liebling. Thanks to her children, Linette and Mordechai Liebling.

 Synagogue & Palase Rabbi Friedman 1898



ChortkÓw   Chortkiv  Chortkov  чортків  CzortkÓw    טשורטקוב

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